Saturday, December 22, 2007

Duncan Plaza Being Vacated

While agencies are moving the homeless out of Duncan Plaza, they are calling on landlords to make more housing available:

Agencies are counting on permanent case management services for those with physical and mental disabilities, which is part of a hurricane recovery permanent supportive housing plan under the Louisiana Recovery Authority. Nonprofits are counting on Congress to finance some 3,000 permanent supportive rental vouchers designated for low-income people with severe mental and physical disabilities.

UNITY and other agencies hope to get the homeless out of hotels and into apartments by January. The agencies can't continue to pay for low-cost hotel rooms for much longer and need landlords to work with them to lower rents. So far, 157 landlords are part of the effort.

Open leter to Barbie (Barb): Come on Barbie; lend a hand. Your hubby, The Pamp, stole enough from the City of New Orleans. Give back by renting to these people.

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