Friday, May 30, 2008

Indicted lawyer Makes Serious Allegations Against Adams & Reese

The detailed allegations that an indicted lawyer has made against the law firm Adams & Reese should not be ignored.

In a sensational legal filing, a former partner at Adams and Reese who is awaiting trial on charges that he stole $30 million from the firm claims that the firm has had a hand in scandals ranging from the WorldCom stock fraud to the abuse of Louisiana film tax credits.

The lawsuit also claims the New Orleans firm has made a practice of hiring former public officials, including former Jefferson Parish President Tim Coulon and former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, and improperly using them to land clients with whom they had dealt as public officials. Coulon and Morial deny the claim.

It would be criminal if a thorough investigation of these allegations were not undertaken. The people of New Orleans would lose faith in the justice system if every effort was not made to uncover the truth.

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