Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New York AG Subpoenas Facebook

If Facebook is being subpoenaed, then Myspace definitely should be subpoenaed. After all, Myspace has S.B. on it. He is definitely a sexual predator who prey on the young and naive. Hopefully this will end soon when he is convicted. Washington State Department of Corrections have already been notified about his scams. They know they will have to protect others from him while he serves his time.

"New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo on Monday served Facebook with a subpoena after he said the company failed to respond to complaints about sexual predators and inappropriate content on the social network.

The move comes after the New York AG's office had been testing Facebook’s safety controls over the past several weeks, according to a statement.

A preliminary review of the site revealed significant defects in the safety measures Facebook has in place for protecting underage users, despite the Palo Alto, California, company’s tendency to position itself as a safer alternative to more popular social network MySpace." |Read more|

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